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Tree Pruning

Trees in the forest grow quite well with little or no care; however, in a landscape setting, tree pruning is almost always necessary. There are a variety of cases where this work is needed.

Emergency Relief and Storm Damage

When hurricanes, ice storms and high winds throw trees on roofs, homes, vehicles and across roads and driveways, Winthrop Tree Service is the leader in disaster relief, providing prompt attention and the most experience in emergency situations.

Tree Removal

Trees grow larger and survive longer than any other living thing on earth. They can take hundreds or even thousands of years to grow yet in a short period of time can be weakened or destroyed by pests, disease, drought and storms.

Consultation Pre-Construction Planning

Construction damage is the greatest cause of tree failure and tree decline in the United States. Trees in a forest environment generally have root systems that spread greater than the height of that tree.


Trees take up essential elements dissolved in water up through their roots. These elements are vital in order for a tree to survive.

Stump Grinding

Once a tree is down and removed from the property, only the stump remains. Stump grinding is an additional service that we provide with a portable machine that can access most backyards

What Our Clients Say

“They clearly knew what they were doing and did so masterfully”

Dr. William Y. Buchanan

“They will forever be #1 on my list”

Brantley Weathers

“What a beautiful job! Good to see that there are still people who can do a great job and are able to be proud of their work”

Joe Sokol

About Us

Winthrop Tree Service is a fully insured and licensed company owned and operated by Arborist Gren Winthrop.
In 1994, at age 28, Gren and fellow certified Arborist Chris Gerards moved to Hilton Head, South Carolina to start new lives and a new company called Historic Tree Preservation Inc (HTP). With a keen focus on customer satisfaction and exceptional service, Gren and Chris grew HTP to five offices throughout SC, NC & GA. By 2003 Historic Tree Preservation had become synonymous with quality and was the fastest growing residential and commercial tree care company in the southeast.
In September of 2003 they accepted an offer of acquisition from renowned international giant Bartlett Tree Expert Company and in doing so they signed a five year non-compete agreement that expired in September 2008.
With renewed energy and a core group of employees, Gren was excited to be back in business as Winthrop Tree Service, LLC.
As we enter our 9th year in business, Winthrop Tree Service continues to grow with state of the art equipment and nearly 20 employees. Our focus remains on quality work practices and exceptional service for our customers in the Charleston, South Carolina area.

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The best way to reach us is by calling however you can also fill out our contact form to get in touch with the office manager.

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